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Introductions are in order.

Updated: Aug 2

I sense it may be about time to introduce you all to our team, or, at least half of the team.

Meet our CEO, CTO and one of our Founders, Jani!

Jani sat down with me to chat history, influences and to introduce himself to our Community over on Discord!

He is a gaming industry veteran with over 25 years of experience who has led projects from inception to completion many times over, and he is looking forward to doing that exact thing again with Roleverse.

Click to meet Jani Penttinen!

But, to go with Jani, we needed to introduce his partner in crime!

Meet Markus, our COO and another one of our Founders!

He is the brave soul who is making the day-to-day operations run smoothly. Allowing the team to work hard on the game and get it into the position for testing by the community! Markus is a veteran of the games industry, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to making sure a project can operate as it should. his prime directive, making sure that the community, get their hands on the game by making sure our behind-the-scenes run as smooth as butter!

Click to meet Markus Kiukkonen!

Next up I would like you to meet another Markus, Markus Hjort!

Markus Hjort is our very own Tech Warlock, Lead Engineer and yes, another one of our Founders!

Markus's background was primarily based in backend and serverside engineering. But with Roleverse, Markus is tackling Ai! With a strong base and a wealth of knowledge, Markus has stepped up to ensure our Ai, is as strong, quick and as fluid as possible in order for our players to enjoy their time in Roleverse!

Click to meet Markus Hjort!

That's it for today, three introductions and three Founders! I've been JB. You've been the person reading this and this has been the first half, yep half, of our Introductions series! Make sure to check us out on our socials, Twitter and Youtube. And if you haven't... join our Discord you doughnut! What are ya waiting for?

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